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Nonton Video 33 COOL DIY HOME DECOR IDEAS Online

Anda sedang menonton video 33 COOL DIY HOME DECOR IDEAS

Lihatlah kiat dan ide gila ini untuk grafik kreatif! Ini akan mudah digunakan apakah Anda memperbaiki rumah Anda atau hanya meningkatkan keterampilan artis interior Anda atau hanya menggambar untuk bersenang-senang! Teknik pelapis benang benang, sidik jari dalam bingkai, menggambar dengan air, tinta, dan kiat-kiat luar biasa yang dirancang untuk menyegarkan dinding di apartemen Anda!

Kali ini saya akan menunjukkan kepada Anda karakter koran jenius! Anda akan belajar cara menyimpan buku basah (jika Anda membaca di bak mandi), membuat manikur dan alat kecantikan sangat menarik.
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  1. Hey guys! Don't forget to share with your favorite hack in the comments! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂 XOXOXO Thank you for so much love on this video <3 You guys are THE BEST!

  2. Like it you watch this but don't actually do it

  3. These remind me of ABRACADABRA MAGIC ACTS<<<< Some are a Bit Cool,, Others You would really have to like or know someone who likes it.,, to make it. The Painting of light bulb's is a no go for me. I would try a couple of them,, that were cool, but will have to watch in slow Motion,, Thanx,, High 5 I guess my thumb is up,,, LOL

  4. 20:34 hm… bake in a plastic bowl… at what temp, so I can set it for the right melting degree? lol

  5. 16:25 hey who remembers the galaxy shoe craft? that is a really cheesy way to remind me, 5-minute crafts people. lol

  6. 10:16 nice nails…the woman's not the ones in the egg. I mean I like those too but u all know what I mean. lol

  7. 6:27 hey who else would sew something that large by hand instead of using a sewing machine, that howe and singer invented over a HUNDRED years ago? ……….

  8. Cool worausbesteht das weiße Zeug

  9. 登録者数やばすぎる

  10. Someone should make a compilation video of all the actually good crafts

  11. food coloring is not a good idea. light bulbs no if you have children. so many are not good

  12. No one can get bigger than 5 minute crafts

  13. #ClickBait these thumbnails have nothing to do with the video

  14. Omg when she put out the white,gray,teal and,blue clay I thought the clay was a eraser! I was like omg it clay!! Like if you did the same. 😂 lol

  15. 12:55 Leave for a day? 5 minute crafts what happened to you

  16. I love love love your decor.

  17. 6:04 won't the balloon pop cuz the hot glue is HoT!? WEiRd

  18. Family hand is simply superb

  19. Yea we all just have white cement lying about

  20. pinned no one hack in video if owner think this why share it

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    I will keep bringing more such videos….

  22. Is it just me or does anyone else watch these videos, but never does the project?? 😂

  23. 4:20(hehe) trypophobia has entered the chat

  24. I don’t like how some of these are not even decor!😡 Stop reusing videos and do crafts/diys that people will actually do, like with things that people have just have sitting in their house.

  25. Can't you just go to Ikea? 😐

  26. The pillow was not a decor

  27. You are beyond gifted…

  28. Pk vcs sempre passam os mesmos videos

  29. I have wood-working in school and we were doing stuff with hangers yesterday and I thought, "Where did I see stuff with wooden hanger before?" So then I remembered 13:50 and now I have one xD

  30. 19:19 cuz we always need a bowl to hold seashells not jewelery. Seashells

  31. Ok…I'm a kid. And I don't understand how waiting around watching a dinosaur slowly escape from captivity be fun. You can't even touch it BECAUSE ITS COLD ICE. You're also sitting in grass so your pants might get dirty and you will not be able to clean it.

    sounds like a lot of fun five minutes crafts

  32. who would actually make these things. show things are easy to make and dont require much waste of things and things that actually look nice.

  33. How many bottles of whiskey do you possibly need?

  34. Aye 5 minute crafts you sure drink a lot, don't you?😂

  35. What material is used in minute 20.15 please, anybody?

  36. 32:23 what you doing wit dat 📦 box

  37. IS T HIS TrOoM tRoOm now?

  38. 2:08, how are they alive if you split the stem?

  39. Nice to find channels like this

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