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Anda sedang menonton video 80 MOST AMAZING CRAFTING LIFE HACKS

Koleksi kerajinan luar biasa 5 menit. Ambil gunting, lem dan kertas, dan buat DIY yang indah untuk teman dan keluarga Anda.

Mendaftar selama 5 menit karakter KIDS:

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Pernahkah Anda melihat lumpur modern? Ini dia – tempat lumpur Sam:

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YouTube Cerdas:

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  1. Hey I ment to put on troom troom so ya but I like you to🙃

  2. Nice vedio please or vedio bnao👍 vedio Ko like karo👇👇👌

  3. I gave this video a thumbs-up but what in the world is the socks over the shoes thing all about? (Rolls eyes) I must be getting old.

  4. 11:20

    "we only got this, lets drink more !!!"

  5. Didn't they make one of those light bulb things in Cool Hand Luke.

  6. Did she just make a molotov cocktail with marbles. yikes

  7. já sem nevěděl ze máš youtobe channel

  8. Oh! that old stuff! Your videos are really awesome but that copied stuff from the old videos is too irritating. please please don't add those. please please please!

  9. good joob 👍👍👍👍

  10. Please. Can someone please tell me what the name of the song that plays at 31:29? I want to know.

  11. €¥¥£¥€€£¥€£¥£€£¥§|¥€{{}¥€{[[¥£[[2.yhhhydndhjenfs. If you understand you need to subscribe to me.

  12. Since nail polish is so flammable, if you put it on a mug wouldn't it be unsafe to microwave?

  13. building homes out of recycled plastic, cardboard, plastic bottles.

  14. All crafts are so cool and awesome but not to do,to watch only

  15. Really ….. so beautiful video , thank you so much and I like your videos It's very useful

  16. I did hack#2, and it was gorgeous. It came out so nice, airy and fresh. Thanks alot for this <3

  17. ‭I’ve taken all of 5-Minute Crafts‘ advise, jumbed out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to make million! I’ve even just created a youtube channel to follow my progress. My first vlog is due to drop in 45 mins. I would love some support/ feedback so please hit subscribe and check it out. Peace‬

  18. Que Profesional de la Cacharrería.

  19. I hope you mean in human years instead of dog years and not how many likes you get. Even then it depends on the breed of the dog. The bigger dogs tend to die sooner, the mid size and small live much longer.

  20. The red polka dot bags . are the loot bags and i wish i could see what the bottoms looks like. Arethey square or just folded bags.

  21. Perfect ! 5 minutes

  22. 4:45 now thats something i can work with …

  23. u r channal not a good u r channal not a bad u r channal the best channal in the word… u r channal brilliant

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